Magnetism In Mankind EP

by KnKn

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released November 6, 2015

(All written, recorded and mixed between February 2015 and November 2015 by KnKn.)



all rights reserved


KnKn Isle of Man

I am a music.

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Track Name: The Gambler
Once again I've lost it all,
I'm gambling until I fall,
put all my chips in one pot,
why oh why can't I stop.

It gets so bad each time,
I'm really not a lucky guy,
when I'll win I do not know,
my addiction will grow and grow.

Why do I have to feel this way,
it simply hurts again and again,
I really wanna just give up,
but I just can't get enough.

This form of gambling isn't a sin,
so I'll keep going until I win,
predictions and odds don't let me know,
how far it is I'll have to go.

When I wake I feel okay,
for about five seconds each day,
then my memory kicks in,
and all I wanna do is win,
I'll never win.

Put your hands around my throat,
you squeeze tight and don't let go,
bury your thoughts in my brain,
like time capsules they will remain.

You were a broken lucky rabbits foot,
a three leaf shamrock that I mistook.
A hologram of victory you did show,
your face painted with pixels truly did glow.

Usually it's an easy steal,
so after every single deal,
I'd raise the stakes a little more,
to scare any other player to the core.

But my hand was simply a bluff,
a new comers was mighty tough.
I ignored my gut until I bled dry,
success went to the other guy.
Track Name: Simply Strangers
I wish that the fist time, I saw your face, was somewhere buried deep in a crowded place,
and I would notice you, straight out of the blue, as you turn, towards me.
The only thing to break our gaze would be the random passers-by, darting from the corners of our eyes.
We'd be with our groups of friends and we'd ignore all their attempts, at talking to us.

A chemical reaction between you and me, results in some heat from the energy.
Oh how you'd throw me a smile and I'd just stare for a while, before returning a simple wave.
I would stare at my own feet, all without a single blink, as they swing towards you.
Although you're truly magical, I wouldn't want you to pull a trick on me, like suddenly vanishing.

To you I am fiction, while you are real,
nothing will exchange our complex ordeal.
But in an alternate reality,
maybe this is how our lives would be.

First we'd ask for each others names and we'd be equally amazed, by how unique, they truly are.
Our shared interests would create, enough words to commemorate the history of the globe.
Everything around us could die, and I'm not usually one to lie, so I don't think there'd be a change in the way I behaved.
Because all my priorities would change to making sure I could arrange a chance to feel your glow again.

In this parallel universe,
our love would only become more diverse
For in the future we will see,
I hope acts like these won't just be fantasy.

We'll travel together over distant lands, all whilst cuddling our perfectly matched hands.
My shoulder would become your pillow from when the sun is gone until the plane lands.
You'll cook for me and I will burn for you, great creations our mothers taught us how to do.
Lying on hilltops, mapping the stars, knowing we're never going to be far apart.
Knowing we're never going to be far apart.

Still to you I am fiction, while you are real,
nothing will exchange our complex ordeal.
Although I love you more than most,
your impact on my life was as much as a ghosts,
your impact on my life was as much as a ghosts.
Track Name: Myth
She was,
Just a myth,
called Medusa,
Turning all men to stone.

He was,
flying too close to the sun,
came crashing back down to home.

There was nothing I could have done,
these are tales that are now long gone.

You fooled me with a Trojan horse,
which I let inside during a time of war.
I welcomed pain right through my door,
its trail left cries that are heard no more.
And I cried, Oh I cried.